People are often afraid that if they’re not “talented”, they’ll never be able to learn a foreign language. And that’s a total BS! Yes – there’s something called Language Learning Aptitude but even if you score higher and don’t do the work, it’s not going to help you much. And on the other hand, if you happen to get a lower score, it doesn’t mean you’re not able to learn. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of measuring your talent, as language is such a complex entity with so many different areas. I might be wrong ūüėČ but I definitely believe that there’s a better predictor of your success. It’s not your talent. Nor your IQ. In her TED speech,¬†Angela Lee Duckworth¬†says the best predictor of success is grit.

Watch this short but informative speech now and stop worrying about talent.
I love TED videos because:

  • they are extremely motivational,
  • you can listen to really great speakers and try to learn how to improve public speaking,
  • you can improve your English by listening to something that is interesting and relevant for you, hence the learning process is going to be more natural and less “painful” ūüėČ
5 words to remember from this speech
  1. GRIT –¬†determination to¬†do something despite difficulties on your way

James is not very quick-witted, but he’s the grittiest of all my students.

2. TO DROP OUT¬†–¬†to stop attending classes at school, university etc. before having finished the course.

Many successful entrepreneurs dropped out of college and worked on their businesses instead.

3. ¬†ROOKIE –¬†someone who is new to a job, activity etc. and doesn’t have much experience.

She’s such a rookie. I have to teach her¬†EVERYTHING!

4. ¬†MINDSET –¬†the way you think

Some people say you have to switch from “fixed mindset” into “growth mindset” to achieve success.

5. ¬†OUTCOME –¬†result

I’m not able to predict the outcome of the changes in Google’s algorithm.

Back to you
Do you agree with the message of the speech? Have you had a similar experience? Or maybe a different one? What do YOU think the best predictor of success is? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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