This time I’ve decided to share with you some secrets of English pronunciation. Some people say it’s easy, because you can hear English everywhere. However, there are not many rules, thus very often the pronunciation of certain words may pose some difficulties. But I’m here to rescue you, right? So let the adventure begin! 🙂
BOMB British English /bɒm/ American English /bɑːm/ Unfortunately, everybody knows what a bomb is. We can hear about bomb explosions on the media all the time. So if you decide to talk about bombs, bombers, bombings (=bomb attacks), remember that the second “b” in ALL of these words is a silent “b”. CLIMB /klaɪm/ Do you like climbing? Do you know any famous climbers? Did you climb trees when you were a kid? Well, I don’t really care 😉 But remember about the silent “b” in ALL of these words!
COMB British English /kəʊm/ American English /koʊm/ Personally, I prefer brushes, but at least I know that “comb” has a silent “b”, so I can comb my hair in correct English! THUMB /θʌm/ In the era of Facebook, a “thumb” has become a very popular word. So if you know that there’s a silent “b” in every thumb, thumbs up!
NUMB /nʌm/ A part of your body can become numb when it’s cold or if you were in a weird position for some time. You can also be emotionally numb, which means that you cannot think clearly or feel any emotions. Anyway, I’m a little boring – I know – but there’s a silent “b” there! LIMB /lɪm/ What is it? It’s either your arm or a leg. So your limbs may become numb, for example if you sit or lie in one position for a long time.
LAMB /læm/ Anybody watched “The silence of the lambs”? Guess what? There’s a silent “b” in the word “lamb” and if you are not going to remember that, I might do to you what Buffallo Bill did to people. Just kiddin’! You know I’m adorable! Or am I…?   CRUMB /krʌm/ That’s a very small piece of bread or a biscuit. What does it have in common with a lamb? You guessed! Silent “b”!
silent "b" in lamb and crumb
DOUBT /daʊt/ Remember No Doubt? If you are in doubt how to correctly pronounce its name, now you know – with a silent “b”! DEBT /det/ To be in debt means to owe someone something, usually money. The only thing you owe me is the correct pronunciation of the word “debt”!
silent "b" in doubt and debt

There’s also “tomb”, but this one you can find on Facebook. And also “plumber” and “subtle”. But come on – I cannot give you everything here. I have to stop writing at some point ’cause I have a life (at least I have to pretend I do). Hope you feel more confident now. I’ll be back soon!

Edit: If you want to listen to me say all of these words, listen to my Instagram video below.


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