Probably one of the biggest challenges of learning a foreign language is acquiring new vocabulary and pronunciation. You need to be regular in order to make progress and nowadays many of us claim not to have a lot of time to learn. I also used to have this problem – I wanted to learn German but I was always on the run and didn’t want to carry paper flashcards or heavy books with me. And then I discovered Quizlet. And it saves my life everyday. I use it to learn German and I also use it with my students who make much faster progress thanks to Quizlet.

How to start using it?

First, you need to go to and create a FREE account (I pay for it, but I have the extended teacher’s version). You can sign up using your Facebook or Google account, or typing your login and password. You can see where to click below.

If you choose to sign up with your e-mail, you’ll see the screen as shown below. You’ll still have the opportunity to change your mind and sign up with your Facebook or Google account, or you can proceed with using your e-mail. You’ll have to enter your birthday, username (remember it – some of my students forgot their usernames and had to create new accounts as they couldn’t log in), e-mail address and your password (twice). When you finish typing, Quizlet is going to ask you if you’re a teacher – choose “Yes” or “No” depending on whether you are one 😉 Then, you have to check that you agree to the Terms of Service and click the “Sign up” button.

Then, you’ll see the welcome message with a suggestion to buy the premium version. You might consider it, but I really believe that the regular one is enough for a regular Quizlet user. So if you want to continue as a free user, click the link as shown below. You’ll also have to confirm your e-mail address so look for a message from Quizlet and click the “Confirm your e-mail” button.

Choose the free Quizlet account

And there you go! You’re now officially a Quizlet user!

You can now start learning. How to do it? You can either use the “Search” option and look for sets prepared by other people or you can create your own set. I always create my own sets from scratch, as it happens to me very rarely that I am fully satisfied with someone else’s ready set. So, what you need to do is click the “create a study set” button.

Now the fun begins. You have to enter the title of the set e.g. “Business English”. On the right you have the possibility to change the privacy settings of this particular set. The default setting is that it is going to be visible to everyone and editable just by you. If you want to change it, click the “Change” button and choose the option that makes you happy. Then, you have to choose the language for both the term and the definition. I’m not sure whether all the languages are available, but definitely most of them are. With some students I use Polish and English, but usually I choose English in both sections, and I enter a word and a definition in English (just as you can see in the first picture). To move from space to space you can just use the Tab key on your keyboard. You don’t have to use your mouse or touchpad to move around between terms and definitions. When you finish entering the vocabulary, just click the “Create” button and it’s done!

Now you can go to the App store on your smartphone or tablet and download the Quizlet app. Just log in using the same credentials you used when you signed up on the website. The set you created should be available on the app and you can start learning on the bus, in a queue or whenever you have some time to spare. Without any heavy books or paper flashcards which often mysteriously disappear 😉 You can also continue using the website version as it has more functionalities to choose from. You can use the list of words or the flashcard option. I advise you to explore Quizlet as there are a lot of cool options waiting for you. I’ll show you some more advanced things in the future.

But now enjoy the freedom of learning a foreign language everywhere! No excuses!

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Hurray! You did it! Now go to your email and start learning right away!