So you already know how to pronounce words with silent “b”? Great! Let’s move to words ending with -ate, then.

Pronunciation is my thing. I’ve always loved learning it. And I think that not enough attention is paid to it at schools. That is why I do pay attention to pronunciation when I meet with my students.

I’ve recorded the video below to show you how to pronounce words ending with -ate. The quality is not perfect and obviously I’m no Steven Speilberg, but I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

Hope you enjoyed the video and learned something. Below you can find some more examples of words ending with -ate divided into three categories: verbs, nouns and adjectives. There are a lot more, but I wanted to show you the pattern. Some of them are in bold, which means that they have two possible pronunciations depending on which category they belong to.

VERBS /-eɪt/

  • abbreviate
  • accelerate
  • accommodate
  • activate
  • allocate
  • appropriate
  • approximate
  • celebrate
  • communicate
  • create
  • deliberate
  • differentiate
  • donate
  • duplicate
  • educate
  • elaborate
  • graduate
  • inflate
  • moderate
  • motivate
  • negate
  • separate
  • suffocate
  • translate
  • validate
  • violate

NOUNS /-ət/

  • advocate
  • agglomerate
  • chocolate
  • certificate
  • climate
  • consulate
  • duplicate
  • estimate
  • graduate
  • laureate /ˈlɒriət/
  • moderate
  • private
  • ultimate


  • accurate
  • affectionate
  • appropriate
  • approximate
  • considerate
  • deliberate
  • delicate
  • desperate
  • duplicate
  • elaborate
  • fortunate
  • graduate
  • immediate
  • moderate
  • passionate
  • private
  • separate
  • ultimate

Now, some of you may say: “Hey! But there are words ending with -ate which are nouns and are pronounced with /-eɪt/!”. What can I say – it’s true. Monosyllabic nouns ending with -ate are pronounced so. These include the following:

  • date
  • mate
  • plate
  • gate
  • rate
  • hate
  • late etc.

However, I still hope I made it easier for you to get the pattern. It works most of the time 😉



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