Have you ever:

been frightened

when thinking about giving a presentation at an international conference?


you are never going to get better?


unprofessional or less confident at work because you thought everybody else speaks English better than you?


to find someone who would understand your needs but you couldn’t?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions, you’re in the perfect place. Hi! My name is Iza. I’m a language coach and I use my superpowers to make the Internets better at English.

The results of Iza’s work exceeded our expectations.  Our staff have completely changed their attitude to communicating in a foreign language. English has become a language used in our company on a daily basis, which directly translated into us cooperating with more foreign clients. I think that the effects were so satisfactory mostly because of Iza’s perfect command of English, an open personality and a true desire to help our employees.

Szeran Millo

Operations Director, Symetria

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